+ 1. How it is with the 13 DNA, 12 DNA +1, 12x12 DNA, 144 DNA +1?
+ 2. How did you actually come to the energetic treatments of the spine?
+ 3. Why do the colors create such an intense impression?
"1. How it is with the 13 DNA, 12 DNA +1, 12x12 DNA, 144 DNA +1?"

The science is discovering still more in this area / 13 DNA are 12 DNA +1, and in a precise observation each one of the 12 DNA has 12 additive finer levels, that are 12x12 DNA, it means altogether 144 DNA +1.
This 1 single DNA is absolute an unique DNA, different from all the others, with a special line of action - some parts for communication within the holistic oneness - specially for the determination of the consolidated direction of growth and development - especially for the highest spiritual adolescence.

Here some more Information to this so major topic:
The 13th DNA strand overlaid on the 12th DNA strand system then permits the individual to be empowered. The 12 are the foundation and tools, the 13th is the “Itself.”

It is love as the Highest Consciousness resurrected in each individual with the potential to increase its vibratory rate to invoke universal healing. Unlike the 12 strand system, each 13th strand is completely unique. The 13th DNA strand connects one from the earth plane to the God-Self, as love source that assists so the veils of separation will be lifted.

When working with the 13th DNA strand, the real goal a person is seeking is to integrate the 12 DNA (12x12= 144 DNA) strand areas of mastery they have chosen into their Spirit or Essence. When complete and in Harmony, the human being has succeeded in making a leap of personal evolution. It is now ONE. When this happens a new area of mastery comes into being.

The 13th DNA strand is also the communicator focus. In all instances the 13th strand is the strand of love, and is designed to integrate Spirit, mind and body. We all came from the same Spirit. The origin of our being is included in every single 13th strand.

Therefore even though 2 people might be of totally different areas of knowledge about the world, each would also be aware of their uniqueness and relation to each other as they both have above all the same primary Creator. They could then work on integrating and exchanging information, because they could relate on a higher frequency level of their being.

This 13th strand of complete love is woven throughout the 12 strands of DNA, thus imprinting the Divine Blueprint, Spirit’s blueprint, the innate being of everybody of us which has stemmed from the source, the beginning - the day one of creation.

So then every human being can fully bring out and manifest its own inimitable holistic BEAUTY and uniqueness and live it in every moment and with every single breath.

"2. How did you actually come to the energetic treatments of the spine?"

Excerpt from the e-book 2, Question 1, Page 11:

Your perfect holistic Health

The most successful tips and suggestions

for your full Vitality and Health

Volume 2

E-book 2, Question 1:

Frankly to say, I didn´t come to this treatment, I have not even picked it for me up. I was, in the truest sense of the word, actually pushed and pitchforked to it."

It has started, as it seemed at first glance, with a normal and well-known event. With something they almost everyone know and everyone has already experienced at least once in his life - with back pain.

A few years ago I got such back pain that I just laid flat in my bed and could barely move. As I laid there, staring at the ceiling, counting the hours that had passed - Elisabeth was at this time not at home - I thought to myself :
"This is realy a paradox. I have helped in my treatments so many people with their spinal problems over the years and have released them from their back pain. And now I'm lying here, I can´t move and no one can help me."

As I laid there so helpless, thinking all the time, suddenly as when a twist of fate had reached me and it came the following thought into my head:
"How about that, if I only my thoughts, in my imagination - only energetically in my energy field by myself - do now what I would have done otherwise physically at another person in such a case?"

What a venturous idea!

But since I had nothing to lose anyway, no solution was in sight and I had enough time, I started with a happy heart with the work.

So I went in my thoughts, in my mind, over the particular vertebraes of my spine and brought them energetically into their proper and optimal position again, one vertebrae after the other. Then I went in this my energetic self-treatment to the involved particular muscle groups and treated them energetically.

Simply said: I have treated the vertebraes of the spine and the muscles energetically by my specifically pointed concentration so as I would have otherwise made it physically.

I was just experimenting by myself here. To my big surprise, the pain in the back relieved almost immediately, I was able to move instantly and could also very carefully and slowly - but nevertheless - get up . As I then checked energetically my spine and the individual vertebraes, I was even more astonished.

All the vertebraes that were previously displaced, all of them were in their proper and optimal place in the spine now! And I have treated me only energetically, without having done something physically!

How could such a thing come about? How was such a thing working?

Astonishment - and many, many questions.

Now the desire and the curiosity to explore this unexpected phenomenon had packed me properly and I had grappled with it very intensively in the next few months.

I thought to myself: "If this energetic treatment of the spine had worked so fantastically by me, then it ought to work for other people as well! "

So I tried it with the first person, then the second, the twentieth, the hundredth.
It worked all the time!

The pain of the people reduced almost immediately and they felt an instant and noticeable relief. For the babies, the children or the animals, all that without their knowledge, it had even worked much better and very impressive – always according to the requests of their parents or pet owners.

There were these processes that had taken place before my eyes over and over again and I could see them during my treatments every time. Although I had many questions and concerns in the beginning, the tangible and solid facts and the positive results of these energetic treatments had fully convinced me with the time.

In the first phase, I had combined the energetic treatments with the physical treatments, just to be sure by this additional physical treatment. But by the time I had gone fully to this energetic method and had started to perform exclusively these energetic treatments for spinal problems.

So I had discovered through a so-called "accident", where it had fallen to me literally, something excellent and unique. I see it more as a coincidence or rather as a grace.

The special feature of this method of treatment is that this energetic method is absolutely risk-free, very fast and without pain. And the energetic bringing of the vertebraes into their optimal position in the spine had worked all the time - by the babies, by the children, by the adults, by the elders, and also by the animals.

Therefore a lot of fun and joy thereby!

Just enjoy it yourself and fare yourself well!

3. Why do the colors create such an intense impression?

Through the evolution we as human beings respond very intensively to the colors. Each color has its own vibration, its own wavelength in which it oscillates. These oscillations have very strong effect on our entire system - whether the nervous system, the limbic, the endocrine or the hormonal system.
The most important thing and the main point here is the composition of the individual colors in the color therapy and especially the very specific sequence of the different colors.
This causes these intense positive and uplifting reactions that support us so strongly as the unity of body, mind and soul and bring us back to the natural harmony.